The best beaches to see in Tenerife

• El Bollullo Beach (La Orotava)
Located in a dream enclave of the Orotava Valley (El Rincón) and surrounded by banana trees we find one of the best beaches in the valley. It is one of the black sand beaches of Tenerife where, as in El Socorro, the currents are very treacherous so we recommend taking extreme precautions. At the foot of the beach there is a small beach bar.

Adjacent to El Bollullo we find the beaches of Los Patos and El Ancón. Both difficult to access due to the steepness of the terrain and lacking any type of services (lifeguard, bar), although equally or more beautiful than El Bollullo.

• El Socorro Beach (Los Realejos)
Another of Tenerife’s black sand beaches. This is wild and with a marine current that delights lovers of surfing and bodyboarding. Perfect for taking a bath when enjoying calm seas, otherwise it is best to follow the instructions of the lifeguard and be very cautious. This beach has a Blue Flag and services such as cafeteria and bus bars.

• Playa Jardín (Puerto de la Cruz)
Puerto de la Cruz, a tourist city par excellence in the north of Tenerife and an ideal base for discovering the rest of the island, has several beaches, Playa Jardín being the most recommended of all. It is a black sand beach equipped with all the necessary services for which it has a Blue Flag.

• Las Vistas Beach (Arona)
If there is a beach that is crowded with people for much of the year, this is it. The good climate of the south of Tenerife (more than 300 days of sunshine a year) supported by one of the most important tourist areas of the Canary Islands make this beach a success if what you are looking for are comforts near good hotels and restaurants . Little more to add besides that it is one of the ideal beaches in Tenerife to enjoy with the family.

• Benijo Beach (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)
Located in the extreme northwest of Tenerife and away from the tourist centers of the island, we find the wildest and most spectacular beach of all those mentioned in this publication. A coastline ready to offer some impressive sunsets that can be enjoyed on the island.

Its two rocks give it a mystical and adventurous air that will delight the most professional photographers.

• Beaches of El Médano and La Tejita (Granadilla de Abona)
The El Médano neighborhood and its beach are frequented by locals and the occasional foreigner. Ideal for windsurfing or kitesurfing. It has a large number of services and a very relaxed atmosphere that invites you to let yourself go. The beach has a Blue Flag.

Additionally, very close to El Médano and located at the foot of the Tenerife South airport (Reina Sofía) we find La Tejita beach. A beach of indigenous golden sand where nudism is usually practiced (as long as the wind allows it). If you are lucky enough to enjoy a day without wind, either of these two beaches could be one of the best beaches in Tenerife.

• Las Teresitas Beach (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)
The Caribbean brought to Tenerife. Playa de las Teresitas is one of the most used beaches in Tenerife when promoting the island due to its yellow sand and its proximity to the San Andrés neighborhood. Some 270,000 tons of sand drained from the Sahara were needed to create this wonderful beach located a few kilometers from the island’s capital.

Parking, lifeguards, beach bars, sun loungers are just some of the services available on this beach suitable for enjoying with the whole family.

• Los Guíos Beach (Santiago del Teide)
Perhaps not as famous or recommended as other beaches in Tenerife, this bay has the peculiarity of being located near the Los Gigantes Cliffs.

The area is not only famous for its great animal diversity (whale watching) or active tourism activities (kayaking in Los Gigantes) but also for being a much quieter place than Adeje and Arona.

• Diego Hernández Beach (Adeje)
This is one of the most recommended wild beaches in the south of Tenerife both because of the few people who come to it and because of its relaxed atmosphere. In fact, it is also known as the Caleta de los Hippies because there are not a few people who camp on the slopes near the beach.

Besides this, what is most striking are its crystal clear waters and the abundant golden sand on a beach that lacks (fortunately) the most basic services. 

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